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DELF B1 & B2 – French Language Course

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This 9 months program includes the complete knowledge of french Grammer, vocabulary which makes a student aware of more than 50,000 words in French. Here the students are ready to handle high-profile conversations in the French language. At this level, we target préparing the students for various multinational companies along with teaching jobs in various schools.

For the Delf B2 level this program  Adds only 3 months extra. In 10-11 months students become eligible enough to Crack delf B2 exam.

This complete program includes a thorough understanding of the language including both Grammer and Vocabulary. Here the student becomes proficient in more than 50,000  words in French which helps him to explain numerous topics in French. After this level, the learner can target any MNC in India or abroad.

Course Details

Total Lectures
7 Months
Delf B1& B2
Release Date
Nov 27, 2012
French, English

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